Thursday, January 07, 2010

Journal in a Jar- January 7, 2010

What does the mail mean to you? Are you a good letter writer? Who do you or have you corresponded with?

I'm a fantastic letter writer! Back in middle school I had over 100 pen pals all over the world. I still have boxes of all their letters that I've saved. I used to do "friendship books", where you'd basically hand-write a little blurb about yourself and then pass it on to another pen pal. You could meet tons of new people through the mail by writing to people listed in friendship books (FB's.)

I still write to Lia from Australia, and keep in touch with a few others like Bre and Maureen via Facebook. Having pen pals was a great way to meet new people and learn about other cultures before the internet came along and really made it easy to do that.

I also wrote to a girl named Rebecca Sealfon, who was quite different and unique- she lived in the Bronx, was homeschooled, and didn't have a TV. She was such an anomaly to me! I mentioned many years later to my husband, after we'd been married a few years, that I used to write to this girl. His response was "THE Rebecca Sealfon?!?" As it seems, she was a very famous pop culture icon around the time I used to write to her as she had won the National Spelling Bee. Her win was a TV smash because of her unusual method of spelling the words spoken quietly into her cupped hands before she spoke them aloud. It looked quite bizarre, and made her the talk of many TV shows and the news. To this day there are still internet groups devoted to her and her "strange" behavior.

Rebecca and I are once again in contact via the internet, though she uses an alias on public sites so as not to draw attention to herself. I see now why she liked writing to me so much- I wrote to her because I liked her, and not because I just wanted to get a piece of her fame like most. How could I? I didn't even know she was famous.


MikeHoss said...

Holy Crap! You were writing to a minor-celebrity and didn't even know it.

I once tried to have a penpal in the UK but they never wrote back. :( I did write a person (ok, a girl) I met on high school trip to Europe. We wrote for almost two years.

Celia said...

Indeed I was. To this day she remains a very interesting and unique individual. Last time we talked she was studying biology and Duke and had some very interesting theories about their reproductive habits.

I've never even *thought* about that, let alone formed any hypotheses. Amazing!

Sherry said...

That chick rocks!

Sherry said...

That chick rocks!