Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Journal in a Jar- January 13, 2010

Describe your favorite uncle

This is a very difficult question. I'm not sure that I have a favorite uncle! They're all unique and different, and I like talking to them all for different reasons.

Since I can't really choose a favorite, I can talk about the uncle who gave me a job. My uncle Russell owns a produce market in my home town of Winneconne, WI. He raises many different vegetables and also strawberries when they're in season; however, he's best known for his famous "Allen's Allenville Sweetcorn." Most people probably don't think that one type of corn is better than another, but they obviously have never tried Russell's corn!

I worked the produce stand from probably around 1995 to 2000. I know this because when I get my social security statement every year, I have income reported from the time I was 12! I worked at the stand wearing a fanny-pack full of money, sitting on the edge of the truck bed full of corn. Rain or shine, there was always a constant stream of people stopping to buy corn or whatever we were selling.

For a while Sherry worked with me at the stand. We decided that we would split our wages in half and work together; at least it wouldn't be boring that way! We sat and listened to Cd's in the Discman, read books, just talked, or sometimes threw stray strawberries out in the road to see them get hit by cars. We didn't make much money splitting the money, but we had a good time.

My uncle also runs a successful greenhouse during the warmer months; my mom works there during the spring planting flower arrangements and selling plants. She also sells produce at the Allenville stand when it's in season.

(The above photo is not Russell's stand, but it looks pretty similar to what we sold.)

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