Thursday, October 18, 2007

Worst Morning Ever

On my drive in to work this morning, things were going well. I was actually early for once. I was listening to Faith 1190 (don't ask) as I so often do, and thinking to myself that Thursday might just be okay.

There is a street I must navigate every day to get to the courthouse called West Wilson. It is almost like the video game Paper Boy- pedestrians cross without looking, open manhole covers occasionally pop up in the middle of the street, delivery trucks block whole lanes, and bicyclists weave in and out of traffic. Driving down this street requires an extraordinary amount of attention to detail, or you will most certainly kill someone or something.

That is exactly what happened this morning. I was enjoying my rarely pleasant mood when a squirrel (complete with nut in mouth) bounded out into Wilson Street, directly under the tires of the car in front of me. The car in front of me made no attempt to stop or avoid the squirrel, nor did the driver provide any indication that she recognized the squirrel as a living being whose head she had just crushed (at no point did her brake lights go on and her car never deviated from its path). Lucky for her, not so lucky for the me and the line of cars behind me who had to watch the squirrel twitch and struggle on its back as it slowly and excruciatingly passed into death.

I probably should have finished the job and just run it over, but I simply cannot kill something purposely (nor can my Mini for that matter). I certainly hope that one of the cars behind me, whether accidentally or intentionally, was able to put that squirrel out of its misery. I have no clue how long a squirrel can live with half a head, but I imagine it's quite a while.

And now that my morning is officially ruined, I hope you have a pleasant day.


The CDP. said...

Sorry about that, honey.

Benjamin said...

I always get nervous driving around squirrels. I'm never quite sure where they're going to go. Yah think it's safe to pass and then they dart out in front of your car again.

JT said...

Love the paperboy reference.