Thursday, May 03, 2007


Seriously...what is the deal with headaches? I am very tired of getting them. After my car accident, it was to the point where I was getting them EVERY DAY. That sucks--majorly. It's not every day now, but it's still most days. If it were just migraines...I think I could deal with it. But it isn't. I run the absolute gamut of headaches--tension, migraine, sinus, etc. In order to handle all these headaches, I have an arsenal of medication. It seems like I always take the wrong medication for the headache I have, so it never quite goes away. I've tried meds, chiropractors, physical therapy, massage therapy, had x-rays, CAT scans, had injections--none of it is enough! The doctors are baffled. I don't display symptoms of one type of headache, but rather, EVERY type of headache. If anyone has any suggestions, please offer them. I am at a loss.