Friday, December 01, 2006

Potty Time.

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See you in your nightmares...beh heh heh.

I'm really getting sick of having dreams about going to the bathroom. It's always the same: I'm in a public bathroom, and the stalls have no doors. There are either rows of toilets side by side, groups of pay-toilets out in the open, or bathrooms whose doors I just can't keep closed. Seeing as I have this dream at least once per week, I decided to look up its meaning. According to, it can be interpreted thusly:

The notion that you are naked and in a public washroom indicates that you need to express and/or release the emotions, worries and fears that you have kept inside. Being naked makes your feel vulnerable and exposed. This may be how you feel if you were to express yourself. You are BEARING your soul. Note that bear is a pun on bare. You truly feel naked if you were to "bare" your soul. You fear that you might be judged or criticized by everyone around you.?The feeling that the bathroom stalls are too small suggests that you are trying desperately to keep these emotions to yourself. However, people around you sense that something is wrong. They can see right through the doorless stalls as you try in vain to discretely relieve yourself. You need to learn to let people in and trust that they will accept you for who you are?

I'm not generally "naked" in the dreams persay, but I certainly am aware that I'm out in the open (although the "naked in public" dreams are becoming quite pervasive in my sleep as well...) I've never been too confident in supposed interpretations of dreams, but I'm not sure why this dream keeps popping back up again. Maybe I just really hating using public lavatories. That's probably what it is.

Do you have any persistently recurring dreams?


The CDP. said...

I have the 'bathroom' dream all the time. I used to have 'falling' dreams, but not so much anymore.

There's one particular dream that I've been having about once a year since I was 6 years old. It's bizarre, because it contains people and places that I've never seen before. One day, I'll end up in this mysterious Dream Location, and I'll probably end up getting killed or something.

I had a dream this weekend that I was at the movies with Sherry. She had her head on my shoulder and everything, and I kept looking around to see where you went. I kept telling her, "The Missus will be back soon, and she's not going to be happy," but she didn't seem to care.

I woke up before the catfight.

Hathery said...

I wonder if that was the same night that I had the dream that I had my head on the shoulder of that professor at the Covance study? Sherry disapproved of that during that dream, so I'm not sure where she gets off putting her head on the shoulder of MY man. haha.

The CDP. said...

Where there's heads and shoulders, there's Sherry.