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(Sometimes life just isn't a nice thing.

I hate Pitchfork, but I have taken this off of their website as it is very nice and well-written. If you don't know who Logan is, I hope you take the time to find out.)

We are saddened to report that Logan Whitehurst, former drummer for much-loved California trio the Velvet Teen, passed away yesterday from brain cancer. He was 29.

Whitehurst co-founded the Velvet Teen with Little Tin Frog bandmate Judah Nagler around the turn of the century, and played on the band's early EPs and two full-lengths-- 2002's Out of the Fierce Parade and 2004's Elysium, both released via Portland imprint Slowdance Records. Whitehurst exited the band after Elysium, and the Velvet Teen welcomed new drummer Casey Deitz for this year's Cum Laude.

"Logan was an incredibly special and endlessly gifted person," wrote Slowdance Records owner Ezra Caraeff on the label website.

"Possibly the most grounded and mature person I have ever met, Logan also had the pure joy of a child, always approaching life with a[n] inspiring sense of optimism, despite how downright unfair (my words, never his) things can become. I speak for everyone involved with this label, its bands and those associated with us, when I say that Logan will be missed terribly...If you ever were lucky enough to meet him, you'll know why I am saying these things."

Friends and fans expressed similar sentiments on the Velvet Teen's MySpace page, as well as that of Whitehurst's solo project, Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club.

Logan battled brain cancer for some time-- successfully it seemed-- until it returned in August of this year. "According to my doctor and a recent brain-and-spine scan, I have had a hell of a recurrence of brain cancer," wrote Logan in a profoundly sad MySpace blog entry dated August 30, 2006.

"My doctor is fairly well convinced that this will kill me within the year. Sucks to be me right now. I will do what I can to get the Very Tiny Songs album out on Pandacide Records, but it looks like it will honestly be my very last release. Thank you all-- I love you for being there for me."

We offer our deepest condolences to family, friends, fans, and all whose lives were touched by Logan.

Posted by Matthew Solarski on 12/4/06

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The CDP. said...

Cancer is a ruthless bitch. It doesn't care who you are, what you've done and how you've lived your life. It doesn't care how strong you are, the lives you've touched and the choices you've made. It doesn't care if you were bad or good, short or tall, man or woman. It will hollow you out, destroy you and move onto the next victim.

In death, Logan has made me seriously rethink the way I conduct my day-to-day business. Rest in peace.