Friday, November 17, 2006

My Head=Large

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"You mean people will think I'm a dork if my hair looks this way in 20 years????"

I asked the husband the other day why I rarely see adults wearing pigtails. He reasoned that pigtails are a style historically worn by children, and generally are only worn by adults for fashion reasons. Adults generally morph the pigtail style of youth into the ponytail style of maturity.

I wear pigtails about 75% of the time. Not because I think it is fashionable or cute, but because it takes a short amount of time to do. I would love to wear a ponytail like most reasonable adult women, but I can't. It looks terrible. Why? My head is huge.

So if you're wondering why I wear pigtails, it's because my massive head requires two ponytails instead of one to compensate for its size.


Sherry said...

In honor of you wearing pigtails all of the time, I will wear pigtails sometime to school this week.

Hathery said...

Thank you, now I don't feel like such a dorkolla.

Sherry said...

Well, I didn't get to it this week because of some emotional stress (which we can discuss on Saturday), but I think that I'll wear them to work tomorrow (that's right Thanksgiving).

The CDP. said...

More emotional stress?

You'd better start coming to terms with things, and fast. Excess baggage always ruins the vacation.

Hathery said...

I saw the picture. It looked much like the little girl on the top of the post.