Friday, October 27, 2006

Fun at Work

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This is where I work.

Here are the interesting things that are currently happening at my work:

1. There is a court aide who is very interested in American History. He actually went to visit a family in the south to inquire about their family history. This family was in no way related to him. He sings American folk songs while he files, and whistles Dixieland tunes. I think he hates me, which I find unsettling.

2. There is a man who got a simple traffic ticket earlier this year. Rather than paying it, he opted to send all of our letters back unopened. According to him, his name is copyrighted and we have therefore infringed on his copyright by addressing mail to him. We got his invoice the other day for what we "owe" him: $35,100,000 according to his calculations. Unfortunately for him, simulating the legal process is a felony. I think he should have just paid the ticket.

3. There is a man who sends us letters twice weekly stating that his mother's estate was unfairly emptied by his brother. He sends us photocopies of the letter he sent to his brother, but never addresses a letter to the court. Each time the print is bigger than the last; "for the vision impaired", he states. The envelope has a photocopied message written to my supervisor, asking "Who up there can do something about this?" He never actually asks a question in his letter, so we have no idea how to respond (despite repeated attempts by my supervisor to recommend an attorney to him.) His letter closes with "That's a bad thing you did, taking a dump on my family." It's eloquent, really.

4. Child pornography charges are all the rage these days. One of my coworkers was carting a large file out for viewing by a third-party when she realized none of the exhibits (i.e. the child pornography) were placed in confidential envelopes. Apparently no one thought that having nude photos of 6 year old boys available for public viewing was a problem. It is.

This is what's happening in my life. What about you?


Hathery said...

It's really that pixelated, too.

The CDP. said...

Your business is far more interesting than mine. I ordered some pens today, so that was sort of a big deal.

It's good to see posts on here again.

Hathery said...

Even in writing your lies are not convincing.

Sherry said...

I'm trying not to cry in front of my 7-year-olds while singing "You Are My Sunshine" and trying to explain to all of them that I will probably never see them again. But on the other hand, I got like thirty hugs today!

The CDP. said...

What, are you going to kill them when the song is over?

Hathery said...

That goes without saying.

Sherry said...

Well, I finally killed all of my students... well, no I didn't. I said goodbye to all of them, and I'm having a horrible time with it. I've spent a good four hours crying about my little ones (over Ben's shoulder of course), and it feels like my heart's been ripped out. I think I'm going to be visiting them in a couple of weeks. Their cards that they gave me on my last day should hold me over until then.

Hathery said...

You're going to have to get over that, b/c when you get a full-time teaching job there will be a new batch 'o students every year.