Friday, October 13, 2006


I am writing this as a supplement to my last post.

Please understand that whether you are my family, my friend, or just a curious browser, I never had any intention of offending anyone or demeaning anyone’s faith when I wrote my last post. In my opinion, understanding our faith is the single most important personal journey that all of us must partake in at one point or another in our lives. Whether you choose to accept God, reject God, or just don’t know about God—we should never stop learning. Stagnation in faith leads to stubbornness and, worse yet, indifference. Indifference is truly the foulest word when it comes to spiritual issues, as it inevitably leads to cessation of personal growth in our faith.

I do not blame the WELS church for who I have become, nor do I blame my parents. In fact, I don’t even know why the word “blame” needs to come in to play. I am quite proud of the person I have become, and I would hope that no one feels the need to “blame” anyone for it. I do not consider myself a failure, nor do I consider myself morally bankrupt. I commend my parents for making the decision to raise my brother and me in a faith-based environment. Their decision set the foundation for all that I would become and all that I hope to be in the future.

My choice to disagree with many of the doctrines of the WELS Lutheran church is an informed decision, and one which I continue to explore on a daily basis. I believe that everyone must find their own truth. If that truth makes you kinder, happier, and an overall better person, does it really matter where you find it? The WELS church did not improve me in those ways, so it simply cannot be my own personal truth. Does that mean that I have abandoned God? No. Does that mean that YOU should abandon God? No. We all must seek our own truth, and we will ALL find it in different places (if we are lucky enough to find it at all.)

If you have any concerns regarding what I am saying, I highly encourage you to talk to me. When it comes to this subject, I am truly an open book. I would hate to think that anyone has lost faith in me or themselves because of any of this. I am learning and growing, and I must include all aspects of my life in this growth. I appreciate anyone concerned on my behalf, but I’m going to be okay.

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The CDP. said...

Speaking as someone who lives with you, I think you are more in touch with your faith now than you've ever been since I've known you. Embracing the life and teachings of Jesus while cutting out the middleman bull-crap is one of the best things you can do to reclaim your faith. You should be happy you've reached a point of clarity this early in your life.

I, on the other hand, have serious problems. I've been praying to Saint Charlie Haas for the last 40 weeks.

He's the parton Saint of piledrivers.