Thursday, September 14, 2006

For the curious-minded among us

Top 10 Reasons Why I Seldom Post

  1. Anything exciting or interesting that happens to me is covered in far better detail and in a far more timely fashion on
  2. I am much too mysterious and intriguing to share my thoughts with the likes of YOU. Pssht.
  3. Only so much can be said of the greatness of clementine oranges and turtles before it gets repetitive, and maybe a little disturbing.
  4. Lunchtime at work is much better spent doing image searches for "Paul London" or more likely "Paul London nude" (this only links me back to anyway...weird.)
  5. The grandeur which makes me believe others would want to read about my exploits is not based in any concrete fact. This is sad.
  6. If I don't stop posting pictures from Exploding Dog, I'm probably going to get taken to court--where I work. How embarassing.
  7. I type all freakin' day--WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME TYPE MORE? SLAVE DRIVER!
  8. I generally run out of ideas around point number eight.
  9. When I posted the picture of the deer eating the carrot-nose off of the snowman, I honestly believed it could only go downhill from there (and right I was!)
  10. I still contend that blogs are only for losers like Ben Affleck.

The irony of doing a post about why I don't post is so...ironic. Sort of. Not really. At all.


The CDP. said...

The trick to remain fresh and current is to just plain make s#!t up.

I'm glad you're back, though.

Hathery said...

Knowing me, probably won't last long...