Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Since I rarely have anything to say anymore, I just thought I'd take a moment to express my love for turtles and tortoises.

Top 10 reasons to love the shelled animals:
  1. They have a house they carry everywhere with them.
  2. They don't really have a "body", just a bunch of goop in a shell.
  3. They can retract into their shell when they're scared...that's really cute.
  4. Tortoises make a little scratching sound when they walk.
  5. Sea turtles have very small babies that cover beaches by the thousands when hatched.
  6. Alligator snapping turtles are living dinosaurs with a cool lure in their mouth.
  7. Tortoises walk so slooooooooow.
  8. Turtles look funny on land, but they swim very nicely when in the water.
  9. They don't really make any noise...just a weird grunt once in a while when eating.
  10. Tortoises don't have teeth so they just sort of gum their food and spit it out repeatedly.

There you have it...10 reasons to like turtles and tortoises. If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.


Anonymous said...

We got a new tortoise at Dan's like a month ago. It's not nearly as cool as the one we used to have though. This one is all mean and hisses at you when you pick him up. He's huge though. Weighs like 70 pounds.

On a non-tortoise subject, I had to feed the camel (Fred) last night, and the lil lemur was out again. It seems that he doesn't even bother going into the cage anymore; just jumps around on the fences and such. But anyway, as I was feeding Fred, that lemur jumped off the fence and onto the camel. He climbed around and just sort of rode him around for awhile. It was hilarious. I'm gonna go in today and try to get a picture of it.


The CDP. said...

A lemur riding a camel...woah. You just blew my mind. You have to get a photo of that, or I'll have to come down and do it myself.

I have a list of things concerning the war on my page, and Celia has a list of Tortoise items. What CAN'T you learn from us? Oh yeah, a lot of things. That's beside the point, though.

The CDP. said...

A lemur riding a camel...woah. You just blew my mind.

2 top 10 lists in 2 days, what CAN'T you learn from us?

The CDP. said...

As you can tell, my first comment didn't work in time, so I got scared and posted again.

What CAN'T you learn from us?

Hathery said...

How are the piglets?

The CDP. said...

Somebody got to your page by searching for "Darling Clementines". You gotta be happy about that.

Anonymous said...

The little piggies that were born the night you guys were in were sold a few months ago. Then a week or so after that, the other pig had its babies. But all but one died the first night from the cold. The last surviving piggy is being taken care of by one of the girls in the deli. She named him Bacon.

Pictures of camel/lemur are on the way.


The CDP. said...


Hathery said...

All right! This is gonna be awesome!