Thursday, September 02, 2004

So I says to Mable, I says, "Mable...."

We're going to start moving into our new apartment tonight. This makes me so happy that I apologetically have nothing to tell you except that I am happy. Isn't that enough for you people? Sheesh, so needy.

I will tell you, additionally, that the Velvet Teen is really really good. Their new CD Elysium has knocked my very socks off, leaving my feet cold and longing for socks. Soon, I will purchase their older discs, as the Exclusive Company has decided to give into my demands and take interest in their music by stocking it.

It's a great day when you've got a new apartment and a disc by the Velvet Teen. This is the utopia that the communists were searching for.

Have I gone too far?


Hathery said...

Template time!

The CDP. said...

Sweet looking page, little lady. Do you know that it doesn't allow anonymous comments?

I likes it! I really likes it!

Hathery said...

Crisis averted!

Anonymous said...

I was all excited today because I had a voicemail when I was at work, so when it slowed down at work I got someone to cover for me so I could check it and it turns out it was just an accident. What a total bummer.

Oh well.


Hathery said...

I totally called you by accident. My phone was all freaking out and it went to speakerphone and all this while we were at the pet store. I said to Ryan, "hmm, I wonder if I called someone?" Turns out it was you. At least that's better than the times I've left MYSELF like 30 minute voicemails....