Friday, September 17, 2004

Lighten up, Francis.

When I first saw this picture, it really made me mad.

This year, it seems as though protesters against the current president have gotten treated far more harshly than the upstanding citizens who support Bush. It's understandable, considering how all those people who don't support the current US situation must be unpatriotic terrorists who hate our freedom. Or maybe they might just be ordinary citizens who think that we're all being duped...who knows really? As we all likely know by now, I am not a "Bush Backer". In fact, you could go so far as to say that the Bush administration makes me want to vomit on my own makes me full of makes me want to break the signs of Bush-Cheney supporters. But this is why I wouldn't:

The man in the center is a Bush-Cheney supporter at a Democratic protest. The people around him have broken his sign and are continuing to protest, while the man's daughter cries and holds the remains of the Bush-Cheney sign she held so proudly before.

Despite the fact that the gentleman in the photo and I would probably argue at every turn if we discussed politics, I cannot stand the look on his face. It fills we with shame, sadness, and also compassion every single time I try to look at his expression. He brought his daughter out to support Bush because he thinks that what he knows is right...the people around him think they know, too. Everybody thinks they know.

Those pictures show exactly what the problem is with our country. We have a political WAR going on right now that is causing people to turn on each other like angry children. In the country we live in, we should be able to have differing opinions without people EVER having to make that face. That man may be a businessman, and supporting Bush might be what's right for his family. Whether that's true or not, he and everyone else should still take a look at what the current administration is doing to its people. Negative campaigning, genuine dishonesty, and stubbornness are making people hate one another. It's making people unhappy. It's making people divided. It's making little girls cry about things they should never have to.

This is the sort of thing we can all do without. I guess my point is, if you want to share your political opinions, please do it respectfully. Breaking each other's signs and pulling hair is exactly what they're trying to get us to do...maybe we should all just take a step back, breathe deeply, and remember that we ARE better than that. I know we have all forgotten, but we used to have REAL pride-not the kind that we are being sold right now. Pride should always come with dignity, and it takes a lot more than an American flag on your lapel to accomplish that.


The CDP. said...

I noticed those pictures this morning, as well. Debating and arguing are rights that we all have as Americans, and we should express those rights daily. Discussing opinions, blindly following liars, slamming an entire organization; we are allowed to do that. Freedom of speech allows those protesters to say whatever they want to that man, and in turn he can do the same.

But when we're reduced to acting like apes in support of people who honestly don't care about us...that's wrong.

I watched my generation crumble in front of my eyes at Woodstock '99. I was ashamed, disgraced and saddened beyond belief. I never want to see it again. I saw a complete de-evolution, and decided I would never again judge an entire group of people as one.

Be respectful, people. Not accepting the opinions and beliefs of others is rude and incredibly closed-minded. Don't express yourself with your fists, that's what got us into this problem in the first place. Let's not ruin what's turning into one of the most important years in American history.

Great post, Celia. Insightful and heartfelt.

Hathery said...

I don't blame them at Woodstock '99. If I had to listen to Limp Bizkit, I'd probably want to burn things too. haha. No, I'm just kidding. Well, not about Limp Bizkit, but you know.

I'm glad you liked the post...those pictures are horrible.

The CDP. said...

That Limp Bizkit thing was embarrassing beyond words. The place is in flames, rioting everywhere, and they interview Fred Durst. This guy was a role model to a lot of people back then, and he should have condemned what they were doing, and tried to put the whole thing into perspective.

His response? "It's not our fault."

My jaw dropped, and I instantly lost belief in God. Well not really, but I certainly gave it some thought. I told the male portion of my generation to shove their ideals up their crap chutes, because I quit. I wanted nothing to do in association with people who use violence, dominance, sexism and selfishness to stay on top.

That's why I don't like Republicans.

koplie said...

Hey, I loved your post! It was great! Another tidbit of info about tortugas is that they also grunt whent doing other things ( if you know what I mean)... For a very long time! My background in PBS comes in helpful once in a while!

Hathery said...

Oh no...naughty tortugas!

Ben's tortoise makes cute little grunting noises :)

volterwd said...

Your right but you make it sound like this division is new? And i should point out that this is how foreigners are often made to feel in the sea of the USA

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