Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Oda a las Naranjas

Darling Clementines
Sweet and bursting with juices
So easy to peel.
No words can really describe the wonders that are Darling Clementine oranges. Today,whilst eating my sad, workplace lunch, I have rekindled my love for these tiny, delicate fruits. What is a Clementine you might say? I would reply, "It's an orange, dumbass." Then I would kindly hand you one of my many Clementine oranges that I purchased at Copp's Food Center yesterday evening. You would inevitably marvel at its small, squatty shape and the bright orange rind that encompasses the wonders within. You would then begin to peel the little darling, only to find that it peels easier than any orange you have ever peeled. Upon completion of the peeling process, you would note the perfect segments that are just the right size; very reminiscent of mandarin orange segments, you might add. The first segment you separate from the orange you will hardly believe...the flavor and juices are intense...the flesh is so tender....and the, the SEED is so LARGE! You will then ask "What is with these massive seeds???" I will reply, "How else do you expect it to reproduce?" You will likely nod in understanding and continue on your journey into flavor country. Now that you've realized there are massive seeds within, you will try to squeeze them from each tiny segment before eating; this will lead to a pulpy mass in your hand that no longer resembles the perfect half-moon segment you once held. You will learn to master the art of seed removal. It is at this time that you will be at peace with the Clementine Orange. You will undoubtedly tell others about them, and probably write a stupid blog piece describing how you will turn others on to your favorite fruit. You might just give a bag or crate of them to a friend as a gift. That friend will look at you with a look of astonished confusion, but soon that friend will also pass on a crate of lil darlings to someone else. In time, everyone the world over will know and love the candy-sweet dandies from South Africa known as Darling Clementine's, and world peace will duely result. In the meantime: Bananas, grapes, and kumquats beware! There's a new kid on the block who is ready to dethrone you. He might be small, but he packs quite a punch. Clementine's 4 EVA!

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