Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Hope everybody had a nice holiday weekend. Since I'm a rockin' government worker, I got Monday off which was certainly a nice treat. Ryan did too since he's also a government sap, so we got to have a pleasant 3 day weekend. This year, once again, we missed the Rhythm and Booms fireworks. Last year it was because we went to the downtown MATC campus rather than the northside one, thus putting us on the totally wrong side of town. This year they were rained out. The fireworks did get shot off last night as the rain date, but I really couldn't see them over the tops of the apartment buildings. Oh well. Maybe next year! On Saturday I got to add 2 new additions to my repertoire of bodily mutilation. I got a lovely celtic design on my right shoulder, so I'm no longer lopsided in respect to tattoos. I also got a little heart on my butt with my first initial in it. It's just like the Care Bears, see? Get it? Hmm? 2 other lovely ladies got it with me, but I will spare posting there names for fear they do not want their bum atrocities exposed to the world. My butt is a little sore today, but it'll be worth it in about a week when it's no longer a hard and crusty scab-ball. I hate blogs where people just say what they do every day...that's what I'm doing right now. It's lame. I just wanted to tell people that I have new tattoos, and thusly have disgraced my blog. I apologize for that!

Maybe this funny picture of cats playing will help? I hope so.

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