Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Global Idiot Epidemic.

This is a front-page news article from Yahoo. First, read the article:

Expert: AIDS Could Breed Africa Terrorism

Wed Jul 7, 8:39 AM ET

DUBUQUE, Iowa - If African nations lose the war against AIDS, the continent risks becoming the next breeding ground for international terrorists such as al-Qaeda operatives, an American diplomat said this week.

"If they lose the war on AIDS, everything else doesn't matter," Dan Mozena said. "The reason this is our top priority is not because we're nice guys, it's because it's in the interest of the United States."

Mozena, last week finished a three-year tour as deputy chief of mission in Zambia and becomes director of the office of Southern African Affairs at the State Department in mid-August.

He said Tuesday that fighting AIDS remains the United States' main goal in Zambia, a nation about the size of Texas.

More than 1 million adults — 21.5 percent of the Zambian population — suffer from AIDS, pushing the landlocked country into more turmoil every year, he said.

"If those states fail, they become breeding grounds, safe-havens for the next batch of Osama bin Ladens," Mozena said, noting the destruction and turmoil in Afghanistan proved appealing for the Saudi-born terrorist.

Mozena, who was raised on a dairy farm north of Dubuque, traveled in Zambia frequently, talking with orphaned street children and visiting villages devastated by AIDS and HIV.

"I want to see what's really happening, because I was in a position where everyone was reporting to me and telling me what happened," Mozena said.

Mozena said due mostly to AIDS, 850,000 children in Zambia are orphans — 8 to 9 percent of the country's population.

The life expectancy in Zambia, where about 380 people die daily of AIDS, has dropped to about 35 years from 52 in 1981.

Such devastation and destruction in the south African nation leaves it vulnerable to political instability, he said.

Mozena, a former Peace Corps volunteer, also warned ignoring the AIDS epidemic could have a more severe, immediate effect on the American population than terrorism.

"If the AIDS epidemic keeps sweeping across Africa, it will come washing up on our shores as well, in ways we cannot know."

Mozena, however, remains optimistic that a $15 billion, five-year, 15-country initiative by President Bush launched 1 1/2 years ago will help stymie the global AIDS epidemic.

Okay, now this article raises a number of interesting points. First of all, why would AIDS cause terrorism? Political instability, bla bla bla. Despite that sort of fragile logic, what else has one got to do with the other? Plenty of contries "suffer" from political instability...why all the sudden is THIS particular case THE CASE that we should worry about? Because the people are dying of a disease rather than genocide? There's just not a whole lot of sense in this...maybe it makes sense to a writer from Dubuque, Iowa, but I think it seems drastically blown out of proportion and more than a little bit presumptuous.

And I quote: "If they lose the war on AIDS, everything else doesn't matter," Dan Mozena said. "The reason this is our top priority is not because we're nice guys, it's because it's in the interest of the United States." I don't think that any of us were ever fooled for a second into thinking we would try to help a nation because we were "nice guys." But why is this in the interest of the United States? We certainly don't care about the people...unfortunately, my first logical thought is "What do they have that we want?" Is it just a matter of we-better-get-it-before-the-terrorists do? Suspicious to say the least.

Next can there be an AIDS epidemic? If there is one thing that I'm glad about regarding AIDS, it's that I don't HAVE to get it if I don't want it. What can you do to not get AIDS?:

1. Don't have sex with gay men from Africa.
2. Don't have sex with men.
3. Don't have sex. At all.

Okay, so the point I'm getting at is just don't be a whore. Man-whore or whore-whore, you still can get AIDS. Talk to someone before you sleep with them, find out who THEY have slept with, and if you're not sure go together hand-in-hand and get a fricken AIDS test. How romantic it will be! It's not that hard.

Here's another thing...DON'T DO NEEDLE DRUGS! Just quit shootin' the smack, or if you MUST, go buy a box of goddamn 99 cent hypodermic needles from Walgreens and use THOSE! Don't use the one that your 97-pound dying junkie friend just threw on the floor, and don't use the one that you found in the street. Just save up a wee bit of your drug money and buy a fresh box of needles. You'll be king/queen of the streets! Sell them for profit, I don't care! Just don't use them again!

AIDS does not live on toilet seats. It's not spread by kissing or handholding. The HIV-virus lives in the blood and is spread as such.

I think it's pretty easy to see that there will be no "washing up on shore" of this "epidemic" anytime soon. Don't be whore and don't do's NOT THAT HARD!

I understand that many of the people in Africa are not as educated as we are about the cause of AIDS and HIV. Why doesn't our lovely government go over there and start a program to teach people HOW the virus is spread, rather than trying to cause a fear epidemic over here? Oops...I think I stumbled upon the secret...

There is no epidemic. We are being forced to live in a constant state of fear regarding attacks, disease, poverty, and the unknown. This article proves that the government has found our top 3 weaknesses: Fear of destruction, fear of death, and fear of the unknown. Let's just throw it all together, blend it up, and come up with the concoction that will scare every flag-pin wearing, bumper sticker sporting American: AFRICAN TERRORISTS WITH AIDS.

What a scoop!

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