Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Spam is so much fun!

Maybe you all don't think that spam mail is as funny as I do, but it really is hilarious. Every day I get about 50 or so spam emails in my bulk email box. Now, normally I don't even look in the mailbox at all before I empty its contents, but on particularly boring days like today I take a gander at the titles. I will share with you some of my favorites from today.

From: Sticky Girls
Subject: Sprayed and Sticky
(Nothing sexier than a girl with lint stuck to her.)

From: Rear End Fixation
Subject: Sexually Explicit Ass Poundings
(Phew! Thank God that those ass poundings are sexually explicit. I wouldn't want that OTHER kind...)

From: Yellow Liquid
Subject: Girls Soaked and Dripping
(How kind of the yellow liquid to email me personally and show me the quality of its work!)

From: Vaughn
Subject: An Extra Leg Never Hurt Anyone
(Unless that leg is kicking you square in the ass...wait, extra leg? They don't mean...OH!!!)

Those lovely spams made my day and I hope they'll make yours too.

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