Monday, May 10, 2004

The politics of crapping.

For those of you who use Blogger, I'm sure you too have noticed that they've really changed things up! I'm not sure I like looks sort of like AOL or something. Everything is big and round and easy on the eyes. Makes me feel sort of stupid.

Today I have a new annoyance: the public's lack of understanding of the natural order of bathroom etiquette. Everyone knows (or should know) that when you use a public bathroom, there is a natural order to which stall, urinal, or even sink that you should use. If you are the only one in the bathroom, you technically have free reign over whichever stall you choose to use. I tend to go to the last one in the row, or sometimes the middle if I feel like spicing things up. If you are the next person to come into the bathroom, proper etiquette tells you to select the stall FURTHEST from the one in use. As of late, I've been finding that many people at my place of employment are completely unaware of this rule. They select the stall right next to me and procede with their business as usual.

I find this bothersome.

I, like many friends I know, cannot go to the bathroom with someone else sitting 2-1/2 feet away from me. I freeze up and have to wait for them to leave the bathroom before I may go about my business. If you weren't already aware of this bathroom rule, please start putting it into use. I will appreciate it, and so will many others.

I experience something rather unheard of to me today in the bathroom. I emerged from my stall in order to wash my hands at the sink. I selected the sink closest to the paper towels for convenience purposes. Another girl was also emerging from her stall(she did, by the way, follow the stall rule) and headed towards the sinks. I got to my sink before she did, but it was clear that she had her eye on my sink. I looked her right in the face, and she looked back at me with a rather dejected face. Rather than selecting another sink, she just turned around and left the bathroom.

Now, whether you normally wash your hands or not, you should always wash your hands if there is someone else in the bathroom. Who wants to be known as 'that disgusting person who never washes their hands'? Luckily for her, I didn't know who she was and I'm not good with faces. I wouldn't recognize her again if I saw her. That still does not change the fact that she looked right at me, knowing full well that I would be aware of her lack of hygiene.

People around here are WEIRD.

Please think about these rules each and every time you enter a public bathroom. If you can't abide by them, please consider just holding it until you get home. Thank you.


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