Monday, May 10, 2004

My favorite spam email to date!

I received this spam email in my bulk folder and I think it's the funniest spam email I've ever gotten. All the keywords strung in a row are far funnier than it was ever intended to be. Enjoy.

hi there Hitzchica, my name is xangels babyx and i'm 19 years old. i
recently brokeup with my b0yfriend and feeling very lonely... i would
like to conversate with a cute single man
... so if your interested hit me up

byetill this evening
x angels baby x

the south a laugh under begin abash scene quite taken a wheat joins
a faith scout a girls swear aback wings creak forgo fires cadet basis

Please mail all written request with a copy of this announcement to:

Suite #186
4-1150 N. Terminal Ave.
Nanaim0, British C0lumbia
V9S 5L6

my email is just never write me another statement

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hello lambs kiosk vivid witch tough excel sacre audio medic field pacts
wheel safer cause
lover float panda loads digit stuff judge trail sweep blown taken ocean
every modem fully moats pants flaps stops as bench
every basic clock drink whole moody saith south china chuck.
older heart drops could mouth heart

japan wants jails fluid jihad linux might dives hauls years least golfs
chose cairn abase stuff throw crack sharp abets never a judge noble
feels march koala
alley timid upper lying man quirk safes picks those green angle saith
licks towns spent salad three chevy thing least loves
ducks girls abide crack finch whore intel grabs snack crept.
a serve child scene label sound

maine shark swift a ocean karat might start yukon level
marry saith was again eagle sails

clock pants.

layer coyly.

woods a.

Boy, she really knew how to charm me!

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