Monday, May 03, 2004

Fat and Lazy People Make Me Mad

I am tired of fat people. I am tired of lazy people. Before you jump in, please note that I'm already aware that I qualify for at least one (maybe two) of these qualities.

I work 8 hours everyday. I get paid to work 8 hours everyday. Therefore, since I get paid a fair amount of money, I feel that I should spend the time I'm getting paid for doing something productive. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for many of my co-workers. Sitting on your ass and talking for an hour to another employee may seem like a good time, and it is. Here's the thing, though: who does your work for the hour that you sat on your ass? ME! That's right: ME! I am a new employee, but I sure don't feel like it sometimes. People who have been here for 10 years ask me questions. Something is definitely wrong.

One of my co-workers comes back from lunch and breaks at least 5 minutes late everyday. That would be fine, except who do you think loses 5-10 minutes of their lunch because of that? ME! I do, because I'm waiting at that person's post for them to come back. I'm not bitter, but somehow I don't feel it's fair that I should lose my own time because someone else has to stop and talk in the lobby when they're supposed to be back on duty. Tell your supervisor, you might say! Believe me, she already knows. No one wants to "tattle" on this worker, because no one wants animosity at work.

This worker weighs at least 275 pounds. I'm not joking. Every time I see her, she's eating. "I'm sick" she tells me every day. "I don't think I can eat my sandwich, I don't feel good." Well you're damn right you shouldn't feel good! You ate a can of Chunky soup, a bag of chips with dip, and a yogurt and it isn't even noon yet! What the hell? This, of course, is followed with "I need to watch what I eat. I'm getting fat." What can you say to this comment? Nothing. You can't say "You're not fat" because that's not true. You can't say, "Oh, maybe you should" because that's rude. Instead, you just grin like a fool. No one comes out well in this situation.

When the worker finally decides to come back to her post and let me go to lunch, I am relieved and angry. Mostly just angry. I go to the lunch room, and heat up my lunch. I walk back to my desk, and see in passing that the worker is not at her post...she has left to go to the bathroom or chat with a co-worker. She mans the switchboard. Five lines of angry customers are ringing endlessly. They will not get answered. They will complain. Nothing will be done about it. The worker will eventually be moved to another duty in the future, in hopes that this will improve her performance. She has been moved to different duties in hopes to perform her performance for 15 years.

I am glad that I work hard...I would feel guilty if I acted the way that this worker does and a few others I've come to know. Maybe someday I will be rewarded for this work ethic with a supervisory position, where I can tell lazy workers to get their act in order.

Yeah right.

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