Monday, May 17, 2004

Cute Little Worker Bee!

Ryan started his new job today. I gotta tell ya, kids....when he left for work this morning, it was just about the cutest little thing I've ever seen. He had on his brand new pants and dress shirt, plus a tie. He was pretending to be all nervous, saying "Do I look alright?" but you could tell he totally knew that he looked hot. He's gonna blow away all those girls at the Department of Regulation and Licensing. I better watch out...

The switchboard operator has 3 days off this week. Today she called in sick for the morning and is coming in at about 12:30. I guess that only working 2 days out of the week was too much for her.

On Friday Ryan and I and his mom and sister are going to Minnesota to apply for our marriage license. It seems like it will be a pretty easy trip, but Ryan and I are prone to unexpected bad luck and changed in policies. Hopefully nothing will come up like that, or else we'll have to drive back to Minnesota another time for the license. We're also going to make a side trip to Thayer's to see what's shakin' there and also make a detour to Mall America. I need to get shoes and some jewelry...that's really the only thing that needs to be purchased yet in regards to the wedding. Other than that, I've managed to take care of the whole thing and I'm rather proud of myself. I've never before taken on such a big task and actually succeeded. Well, I've succeeded so far but we'll see if it actually turns out that I said, we're prone to misfortune.

Other than the little cutie-bug going to work today, there isn't much new going on. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night so I'm not entirely coherent...neither of us could sleep well. Ryan was a bit anxious for the new job and I just wasn't feeling well. Bah Humbug! I'm sure I'll fall asleep at about 6:00 tonight when I come home. That sounds about right.

I wish I had some money so I could take Ryan out to dinner tonight...he deserves it. Since I don't have any money, just know that I was thinking about it. It's the thought that counts...I think.

Lunch is really boring with no one to talk to. I don't know if Ryan is going to have his own cubicle or what, so maybe he won't even have a chance to email me during the day. That's pretty boring...45 minutes is a loooooong time. Maybe he'll have the same lunch as me and we could eat TOGETHER! Wouldn't that be a hoot???

I can't wait til we have duel incomes and we're rich yuppy bastards. Just one more month!!!!

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