Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Could it be...?

As usual, I had to man the switchboard from 11-11:45 today while the main operator went to lunch. I approached her cubicle to let her know I was there, only to notice that there was something seriously wrong with her computer.

"What's wrong with you computer!?!" I said.
"What do you mean?" she replied.
"Look at it!" I exclaimed.

On her screen, the number 2 was repeating infinitely. The screen was just full of 2's, with hundreds more being added by the second.

"What's wrong with it??" she questioned.
"I don't know....what did you do?" I replied.
"Maybe it's because I spilled a can of soda in it..." she said.
"That's probably it..." I said, stifling a smirk.

She went to lunch in a huff after attempting to find someone to get her a new keyboard. In a few minutes the woman who keeps our supplies ordered came over with a new keyboard. I told her the story and we had a good laugh. She said this was the second keyboard in the last 2 months that had to be given to the switchboard operator. Last time, she said she "didn't know what happened" even though keyboard was sopping wet. Good cover.

So that's my little funny for the day...

Yesterday we went to Best Buy and bought a DirecTv satellite dish. We decided to tell Charter Communications to shove their cable up their a-hole. For the same price, we're getting over twice as many channels. We're keeping the DSL from Charter, but that's it. Hopefully the DirecTv installation will go as planned and we won't have any trouble with it. With all the rebates we received, we didn't even have to pay for the dish. It's pretty cool. Sorry Dan Aykroyd, but even you can't save Charter Communications.

Next Friday we go to Minnesota to get the marriage license...I'm really excited to get that taken care of as well as have a nice little mini-vacation. We might stop by Thayer's too just to say "hi" and pet the kitties. That will be fun.

In conclusion, Charter sucks and keep soda away from your keyboards.

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