Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Today I have to man the switchboard ALL DAY (with the exception of the last hour of the workday) because the coworker from the last post is on a vacation day. Normally I eat lunch at 11:45 which is a good time for me because it doesn't give my blood sugar time to act up. Today my lunch was pushed back to 12:30. Another coworker was supposed to relieve me at 12:30 so that I could go to lunch. Well, It's 12:45 right now and the coworker just relieved me 5 minutes ago. After 12:30 came and went and I realized no one was coming, I went to the coworker and asked if she knew she was supposed to be on the switchboard. "No", she replied. I said, "Oh, well you are." and that was the end of that. My supervisor sent an email YESTERDAY outlining who was to be where and when, so this worker had no excuse. I have come to find that most people are very incompetent.

At 4:30 I have to man the front desk. I've done this on about 4 separate occasions now, despite the fact that I've never actually been trained to do the front desk. Someone forgot about that minor detail. That's okay one really comes in during that last hour.

Macromedia is starting to anger me. I hate that I can't check my email without having a Macromedia window pop up and ask me if I want to download its product. I angrily click "NO" every time and always mutter to myself "NO, the same as last time, I will NEVER download your product.". It makes no sense. I said no last time, and I will say no this time. Why would I download their player so that I could have an annoying ad dance around? It's not going to happen. It makes no sense. Not to mention, I will (and HAVE already gotten) get yelled at if I download anything on the county computer. They really take all the fun out of slacking off.

So that's what's bothering me today. Hope your days are better!

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