Thursday, April 29, 2004

To be exact, this is what my computer blocker had to say about the Century 21 page.

"You have been blocked from accessing this site per Dane County Policy. This site has been classified as Hate Speech."

Can someone please go to this page and tell me if this is still the Century 21 page? I just want to be sure.

Yesterday at my place of employment we had a fire least we thought it was a drill, until someone realized it hadn't been planned. Within 5 minutes of us evacuating the building, the fire trucks showed up along with police cars. A man jumped from the fire truck wearing full fireman garb and carrying an ax. He ran towards the all-glass doors, pulling intending to smash them in. The closer he got to the doors, the more he realized that there wasn't a fire. Apparently, we have faulty wiring here that sometimes sets off the fire alarms. I'm sure he knew that, but you just have to play it safe.

Upon hearing snippets of many conversations outside, all of which contained the phrase "Burn baby burn" I realized that many lives would be ruined if the building turned to rubble; however, not a single one of those lives would be that of an employee.

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