Wednesday, April 28, 2004

During lunches, I used to play Pool on Pogo with Ryan. We used to have a good time. It gave us an opportunity to chat and play pool, while I ate my sad lunch-meal in my cubicle pretending not to be alone. It was good times then.

Those times are over, my friends. I feel like I'm in high-school again. I went to join Ryan for our daily pogo-pool fest, only to be greeted by the words "Surf Stopper. Access blocked." Remember that lovely Bess the Dog joke we used to have guarding our prescious internet in high school? Well the thing we have here at my workplace is even worse than Bess' replacement, X-Stop. Back in the day, we would surf to sites that were "blocked" by using an anonymizer like "Silent Surf" or "Anonymizer". Guess what? Those sites wised up and no longer offer their services for free. You have to PAY. HA! Yeah right. Not bloody likely!

To make matters worse, I often search the Century 21 page to see what homes are for sale. I was greeted by the lovely "Surf Stopper" telling me that this page has been blocked because it has been determined as a Hate Page. Now people...I realize that real estate agents are not necessarily the most well-liked people in the world, but is NOT a hate page. Unless it has been ransacked and taken over by hackers, it is merely an MLS directory. Now I've really seen it all.

You might think you've grown up, but you haven't. No matter what you do or where you go, Bess the Dog will always be nipping at your heels.


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