Friday, February 20, 2004

Today I go home for the big wedding. Not mine, of course, but a "big deal" of a wedding nonetheless. I cannot wait for it to be over with. The sheet I've been decorating has been nothing but a source of conflict between the Ry-Guy and I, and the cats have just about had enough of not being able to walk through the living room w/out getting sprayed by the spray bottle. Maybe if pictures are taken, you will see them. Probably not. They will be censored according to how fat I look, the status of my eye-opening, face mutations, etc. Angelfire took away our website b/c they said we were using it in a way that the terms of agreement said were wrong. Ryan thought it was because we were using it merely as a go-to page for linking pictures, but I knew that was wrong because I had a working index page and all that to fool them. Therefore, based on process of elimination, we realized they took it away because a few of our files had illegal names, i.e. 100_1007.jpg. Apparently, underscores are naughty to have in your file names. Y'know what Angelfire? I never liked you anyway.

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